Pre Ballet, Pre Tap & Creative Movement

A 30 minute class designed for the young dancer to introduce Ballet and Tap. This class helps children develop gross motor skills, balance, and listening skills. Creative movement incorporates props such as magic wands, hula hoops and tambourines. Each class is sure to be fun, new and exciting! Schedule


Ballet / Lyrical

Ballet training is essential to a dancer's progress, a classical form of dance with an emphasis on body alignment, control, precision and grace.  Develop the fundamentals of dance through barré work, center work and progressions.  Ballet is strongly recommended for all serious dancers because it provides the basic foundation for all other forms of dance. > Schedule



Jazz fuses together technique and style, with a focus on stage presence.  It also includes leaps and turns as well as upbeat combinations of movement.  Jazz technique is designed to increase body control and continues to be an essential element of Broadway shows and Musical Theatre Schedule


Hip Hop

One of the most popular dance forms today.  Dancers will learn rhythm and style, allowing each student to find their individual approach in relation to the music.  

This class frequently blends old school and new school moves performed to upbeat, popular music. Schedule



Classes emphasize clarity of sounds, development of rhythm and speed. Tapping allows the performer to use their body as a percussive instrument. Tap is a style of American theatrical dance using precise rhythmical patterns of foot movement and is most helpful developing a dancer’s sense of musicality. Schedule



A class designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and control of the body.

A mat is provided to practice tumbling and acrobatic tricks such as cartwheels, headstands, handstands, and backbends. Schedule



Soft Shoe Irish Step

A style of dance with its roots in traditional Irish dance. Ghillie shoes are worn which are similar to ballet slippers. Dancers stiffen their upper bodies while performing quick, intricate footwork.  Focus is on turnout, posture, simple steps, and understanding different types of music and counts. Schedule


Musical Theatre

The musical theatre class combines elements of acting and dance.  Students work on using different facial expressions, stage presence, and character interpretation.  

Songs from Broadway or Movie Musicals are often used as a musical canvas. Schedule


Bollywood / Hip Hop Fusion

A true East - West fusion dance style. The highlights of Bollywood movies are elaborate dance sequences and original soundtracks. Over the years Bollywood movies have developed their own signature style of song and dance, resulting in a fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz and Latin Forms. Schedule



Requires much strength and is based on a student’s level and overall technique.  Pointe is an extension of serious ballet training. Students will be evaluated and placed at the discretion of the instructor.